Posted on by Alexandra Streza

The Beauty Blender not only soaks up a whole lot of product but it is a pain to clean too! 



The struggle is real.

And the alternative?

Silicone... ( . ) ( . )

But think much smaller than a breast implant. 

Cause, let's be real those are expensive AF.


Introducing the Silicone Blender

Smooth and squishy. Non-absorbing; which means you'll be using much less product than usual. No more waste.

The silicone blender is a breeze to clean. Simply wipe it or run it under the tap and it will look brand new again.

No more build up of product and bacteria. 

Your skin will thank you for it.

You can use it to apply foundation, BB cream or concealer, as well as anything else that needs blending.

Have a play with it. 

Start by using it in circular motions to spread the makeup product onto your face, then just pounce lightly onto your skin until you achieve an airbrushed finish. 

It's the hottest trending product in beauty right now.

Wanna try one?

Grab it here, while it lasts.


PS. Happy blending.

May you always be flawless.